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The cleaning of Solnhofen Natural Limestone surfaces is simple and cheap. Clear water must be applied, if necessary including a small amount of wax-free cleansing agent. Alkaline and acid agents are to be avoided.

| Laying of Solnhofener Limestone:

1. General instruction:
The reverse sides of all slabs and tiles must be clean. The substrate must be stable, clean, dry and free of cracks.

2. Thin bed method:
Limestone tiles of equal thickness must be employed. The thinbed mortar must be suitable for marble. The substrate must be sufficiently level. The thin bed mortar is applied to the substrate with the aid of a trowel and combed through. The length of toothing depends on the size of the tiles concerned.

3. Thick bed method:
The bedding mortar consists of cement and washed sand in mix proportions of 1:4 measuring by volume. The bedding mortar for fixing the thick bed is to be of supple consistence and should not be applied more than 0,8 inch thick. Any necessary height adjustments are to be carried out using the same mortar but in this case with the consistence of humid earth.

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